International Relations


Shipbuilding market forecast experts from CESA, CANSI, KSA and SAJ have been meeting since many years to discuss matters relating to the development of the global shipbuilding market. Subjects focus on forecasting of the future requirement for new merchant ships and evaluations of the shipbuilding capacity to meet the expected requirement. The objective of such cooperation is to increase the common understanding of the shipbuilding market development and of factors influencing such development. In addition, sophisticated forecasting models are being discussed and the results are exchanged aiming to provide best possible guidance for long-term planning.


Executives from the leading shipbuilding companies in Japan, Europe, China, South Korea and the United States are meeting yearly at the "JECKU" shipbuilding summit. This is the most important industry meeting with top level representatives of practically all major shipyards in the world. The main objective of JECKU is to establish sound practises for the shipbuilding industry so that it can best provide economic and environmentally sound marine activities throughout the world. During the meetings the delegations exchange information and opinions about the global economic situation, environmental issues, and the status of shipbuilding market by products as well as the future trends of supply and demand in the world shipbuilding industry.

CESS, a technical offspring of JECKU, established itself with significant success as a point of reference for the global shipbuilding industry. It is ambitioned to orchestrate common shipyards view on global regulatory matters. The long cooperation among the leading shipbuilders demonstrates the high emphasis attached to a global information and opinion exchange which can facilitate a process towards a fair competitive business environment and a sustainable global industry.


CESA is actively promoting higher standard in shipping and shipbuilding within the annual gatherings of senior representatives of shipyards, shipowners and class societies known as Tripartite. The international parties acknowledge the value of the forum in providing the platform to jointly address common concerns on standards and cooperate on matters of mutual interests. The trialogue focuses on proactive steps to improve design, construction, safety and operability of ships to increase the quality of life at sea and environment friendly operation and maintenance.