Research, Development and Innovation

Advanced technologies, continuous investment in research & development and implementation of innovative products and production methods are the key driver enhancing European shipyards’ competitiveness. European initiatives contribute greatly to maintain and consolidate the technical leadership of European shipyards. CESA, through its dedicated Working Group COREDES is actively involved in coordination activities.

The importance of having in place an updated and agreed Strategic Research Agenda is not only confined to the classical calls topics’ definition but nowadays related to the several Public-Private-Partnerships (PPPs) and Joint Technology Initiatives (JTIs) that are being put in place with the support of the European Commission as well as related to the several industrial communities to design large research initiatives, in which the SRA document forms the corner stone.

In this field, CESA has a long and consolidated experience having been and still being Coordinator and participant in several FP6 and FP7 projects (old projects ACMARE, VISIONS, current & new projects CASMARE, EMAR2RES, VISIONS OLYMPICS as Coordinator, PROMARC, FLAGSHIP, MARCOM+, Through-Life, VECTORS as participant). In addition, CESA is acting as advisor for consortiums involved in large scale projects on administrative and legal issues related to FP7 projects.

Furthermore, CESA acts as administrative and in part technical support and contact point for member companies which are interested in participating in projects and/or need assistance in submitting documents and proposals.