Social Dialogue

People are at the heart of any business. Similarly, it is people and their knowledge, experience and determination to succeed that make success in the European yards. As a consequence, CESA is committed to promoting strategies and policies in critical areas such as image, improving education and access to skilled workforce to drive long term socio-economic growth.

In 2003 the Community of European Shipyard Associations (CESA) together with European Metalworkers‘ Federation (EMF) has established the first institutionalised social dialogue in the metal trades in Europe. Through the Social Sectoral Dialogue Committee and under the auspice of the European Commission, CESA and EMF as social partners aim to further strengthen the dialogue.

Acting as an element of integration in a much wider cluster that includes shipowners, equipment suppliers, research centers and suppliers of advanced technologies and engineering services, the yards provide interesting and challenging career opportunities at all levels. EMF and CESA had initiated the ‘European Shipyard Week’ to begin a continuing process of information across Europe about the positive developments in the sector and about the range of high-tech careers the sector is increasingly able to offer.