European Shipyard Week 20087th - 11th April 2008

Nøtteknekker The European shipbuilding industry is a high-tech industry whose success is first of all based on knowledge and innovation. Its highly-skilled workforce is a key factor in ensuring productivity, innovation and competitiveness. Within LeaderSHIP 2015 this has been identified as one of the key elements to be further developed in order to enhance the competitiveness of the industry.

Contrary to the reality, the media still sometimes presents Shipbuilding in Europe as an old industry with an uncertain future. Therefore young graduates and highly skilled workers are not always aware of the exciting opportunities resulting from the dynamic evolution of shipyards. Modern shipbuilding offers manifold perspectives, posting new challenges regarding skills and adaptability in a high-tech job environment.

For the purpose of better spreading the message of LeaderSHIP 2015, improving the attractiveness of shipyards as a workplace and safeguarding the right image of the sector, the European Shipbuilding Social Dialogue Committee has initiated the first "European shipyard week" featuring numerous events to promote the sector all over Europe.


Andreas Brandt, Apprentice, 21

It was very good, becouse it contained a lot of information for me and they gave me more support for my plans for the future.

Birte Siedenburg, Subproject manager for service areas, 26

Some points should be rechecked in my opinion. The intention of the presentation wasn't really clear for some participants - the image of shipbuilding and the disires for the future was mentioned in general only but nobody mentioned what will be done to realise.

Ciuntu Zamfira, Assitant Manager

Because this was the first time when I attend an euroepan Conference for me was very good as I don't know what means very good yet. Maybe I will have the chance to attend this kind of event once more… I liked that the conference was attended by young people. The yong generation should be involved more in this kind of events.

Marco CONVERSO, Operator Mechanic Naval Hull, 29

Useful things have been many, being present throughout the European shipbuilding industry, qualified people of CESA. I was able to learn how major European companies, include qualified personnel, as the form professionally, as trying to bring young people closer to world shipbuilding.

Mihai Feodorof, Senior Assistent Manager, 27

The speakers had a very interesting presentation, very good prepared and supported. During the conference the speakers touched the "hot points" which are confronting all of the big shipyards from Europe:

  • lack of skilled engineers and workers
  • solutions to counteract this problems

André Schmidt, Junior Project Manager, 27

It was interessting to hear different statements from different points of view about shipbuilding in Europe, especially from the politicians.

Wiebke Weinrich, Naval Architect, 26

The Conference gave a good overview of the shipbuilding situation today. But I missed a deeper discussion of specific points (e.g. about the Koreans in Aker Yards) and the point of view of the speaker to this theme.

Lenja Rother, Student, 19

For me personally as a student it was very motivating to meet that many other people out of the shipbuilding sector. Especially as I was one of the youngest guests who had the chance to be there it was a great experience.

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Overview of the national programmes for the European Shipyard Week 20008

Uploaded on 08. April 2008

European Shipyard
Week_National programmes.pdf (Size:143 kByte)

Shipyard Week conference 2008_R. Kuhlmann_TKMS

Uploaded on 07. April 2008

Shipyard Week 2008 -
Statement_R. Kuhlmann_TKMS.pdf (Size:58 kByte)

National programmes_Spain

Uploaded on 07. April 2008

2008 04 07 FINAL Spanish
Programme_ Shipyard week
2008.pdf (Size:1 MByte)

National Programmes_Spain

Uploaded on 04. April 2008

Spanish Programme_ Shipyard
week 2008.pdf (Size:1 MByte)

Speech by Vice President Verheugen

Uploaded on 04. April 2008

Speech by Vice President
Verheugen at the European
Shipyard Week Conference.pdf (Size:57 kByte)

Vice President Verheugen during his speech at the SEA YOUR FUTURE conference on 2nd April 2008

Uploaded on 04. April 2008

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Opening Conference Shipyard Week 2008 in Brussels

Uploaded on 04. April 2008

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Uploaded on 03. April 2008

welkom speech SSDC_Henk van
Beers.pdf (Size:34 kByte)


Uploaded on 03. April 2008

Minister Seidel speech
European Shipyard Week.pdf (Size:18 kByte)

Presentation Shipbuilding in M-V

Uploaded on 03. April 2008

Powerpoint Presentation_Min.
Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.pdf (Size:1 MByte)
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