European Shipyard Week 20091st - 5th October 2009

Shipyard WeekThe European shipbuilding and shiprepairing industry is a high-tech sector based on knowledge and innovation. Its highly-skilled workforce is a key factor in ensuring productivity, innovation and competitiveness. These facts were fully recognised within LeaderSHIP2015 and much progress has been achieved over the past years in passing this message.

Today, the public opinion is largely taking good note of the fascinating technologies applied in and produced by shipyards across the continent. Our vast oceans and seas offer huge potential and exciting growth opportunities for maritime industries and European shipyards continue to play a key role in developing and building the necessary hardware. To reach this potential, yards are constantly searching for the best talents. Nevertheless, more efforts are necessary to ensure that young graduates and highly skilled workers are fully aware of the exciting opportunities resulting from the dynamic evolution of shipyards. Modern shipyards offer manifold perspectives, posting new challenges regarding skills and adaptability in a high-tech job environment.

The European Shipbuilding Social Dialogue Committee wants to ensure that this message is not lost, despite the fact that shipbuilding, like most of the other sectors, is affected by the challenging economic times. Therefore, the Committee is conducting the Third European Shipyard Week featuring numerous events to promote the sector all over Europe.


Reyer Riemeijer Hydrodynamic Engineer , 26

The view of the politicians on the topics was different than I had expected. Getting insight into other companies and european institutes was really nice. The "Next generation GET TOGETHER" gave me the oppotunity to make contact with other youngsters from other companies. Contacts that would not have been made that easily otherwise.

Marko Redelijkheid, Marine Project Manager, 26

Jenny Braat and the students from Meyer Werf have given good presentations with a lot of interesting information. It was realistic but quite a negative atmosphere. We can find opportunities in durable and sustainable products or smarter production methods. It was worthwhile to learn about the cultural differences between workers in different EU countries.

Michiel Hankel,  Accountmanager, 33

It was quite a negative atmosphere. We need to be realistic but also look at our strengths and opportunities! We can find these i.e. in durable and sustainable products or smarter production methods. Give it a more "green" focus. Talk about i.e. emission levels in shipping, cleaner production methods etc. But also: how to stimulate European shipowners to built new ships in Europe instead of Asia.

Christian Punke, Trainee / Student of Mechanical Engineering, 21

It was a good way for us to meet people working in the shipbuilding sector because we are very new to the scene. Also we learned quite a lot about the political structure in the sector. I thing it was a good mix of points of view from all Europe. Just to meet so many (young) people within the same type of company! Also to get the impression how things work in Brussels.

Undine Schäffner, Trainee in Dual Education System, 18

I got a lot of interesting pieces of information about the European Shipbuilding Sector. I was interested in the discussions between members of Eu-Comission and people from the yards (people making rules vs. people which have to live with these rules). I got a lot of interesting pieces of information about the European Shipbuilding Sector.

Gisele Morey, Management Innovation Specialist, 27

It was a good balance to have young, naive, optimistic young presenters, as well as informative presentations prepared by experienced analysts. The former group was motivating and the latter group was informing.

Andreas Malletschek, R&D - Project Engineer for the outfitting, 27

It was very interesting to get to know shipbuilders from the other European shipyards and to hear something about the current situation of their shipyards in the worldwide crisis. Furthermore I will stay in contact to some other engineers in terms of possible corporate projects. In conclusion I would say that the networking was very successful.

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Shipyard Week 2009 in Romania

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Shipyard Week 2009 in Poland

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Shipyard Week in Belgium

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European Shipyard Week 2009 in Germany

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