European Shipyard Week 201129th September 2011

Shipyard Week

The past 2 years have been a historic for the maritime sector, including for shipbuilding. CESA is convinced that the potential of the maritime engineering and manufacturing sector will continue to grow and tremendous opportunities lie ahead. There is growing awareness of the potential of our oceans and seas and critical role of shipbuilding in achieving Europe2020 targets, i.e. with regards to energy sufficiency and mitigation of climate change. Maritime tourism, renewable energies and deep sea mining are just a few examples of existing prospects - but all require innovative, top performing hardware. A precondition of this is to have the best available talents for the industry and a continuous influx of fresh ideas intro the stream. For the past years the European Shipyard Week messages reached thousands of European youngsters.

The European Shipyard Week will take place again this year across Europe to inform the public of the exciting career opportunities in shipbuilding and the critical role they could play in helping Europeans reach the true potential of their maritime heritage. The campaign will be launched on Thursday 29 September 2011 in Brussels with a conference under the well-known logo "Sea your future!" The event will bring together young maritime professionals, industry stakeholders, members of the European Commission, the European Parliament, representatives of Europe's shipbuilding regions etc.

Answers to questions like "Do we have the necessary technology, skills or educational programs to meet our ambitious targets? Where are laying the most striving career opportunities? Where are laying the new frontiers of professional development in the maritime field? What is maritime youth role in shaping our future?" will be discussed. The launching event in Brussels will be followed by the traditional Next Generation Get Together evening promoting increased interaction among young professionals and strengthen their connections with the maritime community. Events across Europe will follow the launching conference in Brussels.


Tiberiu-Ionut Gurau, Leader of Hull Piping Design Group, 31

Very good presentations, various and interesting topics, but, unfortunately, the speakers didn’t concentrate on young engineers’ needs, challenges for young generation, how their future looks in shipbuilding industry, how the politicians support them and their companies in order to secure the working places in this field.

Alina Liteanu , Contract Management Team , 29

It feels good to see that there still are people really passionate and motivated about their jobs in this industry and all related fields. I would like to believe that this is only the beginning and with support from CESA, EU and why not local, we can grow bigger. There is potential and with some help we can do it.

Pieter Huyskens, Research Engineer, 30

It was very interesting to learn about the status of European shipbuilding and the threats of the big Asian shipbuilders. It was nice to get an inside view in the European decision making and to discuss the motivations for the new safety and environmental regulations.

Matthias Hellberg,  Engineer, 25

It was interesting to listen to representatives of other companies and thinking about the future and possibilities for Europe. The presenters gave us a good overview of their products and future strategies.

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European Shipyard Week 2011 in Germany

Uploaded on 06. October 2011

Schiffbauwoche 2011 -
04-10-2011.pdf (Size:994 kByte)


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CESA Press Release 29
September 2011.pdf (Size:117 kByte)

European Shipyards Week 2011 Participants List

Uploaded on 04. October 2011

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Expectations and Challenges of Young Romanian Shipbuilding Professionals Presentation by Alina Liteanu and Tiberiu Gurau from DMHI

Uploaded on 04. October 2011

Alina Liteanu & Tiberiu
Gurau - DMHI Presentation -
Brussels 2011_R.pdf (Size:5 MByte)

Dual Education System Presentation by Yara-Lisa Gewetzki and Hanna Wysoki from Meyer Werft

Uploaded on 04. October 2011

Yara-Lisa Gewetzki & hanna
Wysoki Meyer Werft - Dual
Education System for
Brussel.pdf (Size:2 MByte)

About the Research Activity in Marine Context Presentation by Benjamin Bouscasse from INSEAN

Uploaded on 04. October 2011

Benjamin Bouscasse - About the
research activity in marine
context.pdf (Size:9 MByte)

Raising Standards -The role of the Regulator Presentation by David Anink from Holland Shipbuilding Association

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David Anink - european
shipyard week.pdf (Size:4 MByte)

Blue Growth - Sustainable Growth from the Oceans, Seas and Coasts by Ronald Vopel from DG Maritime Affairs and Fisheries

Uploaded on 04. October 2011

Ronald Vopel - Blue Growth
Shipyard Week RV 26sep11.pdf (Size:3 MByte)

The European Naval Industry Crisis Cooperation and Consolidation Presentation by Paul Brezsina from Blohm Voss Naval

Uploaded on 04. October 2011

20110929 CESA - Paul Brezsina
- Naval Industry European
Prospects FINAL.pdf (Size:1 MByte)

Demand and Supply Presentation by Jenny Braat from Danish Maritime

Uploaded on 04. October 2011

Jenny Braat - European
Shipyard Week 2011.pdf (Size:5 MByte)
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